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ČD - Telematika a.s. is a major provider of wholesale telecommunications services and a supplier for the railway environment in the areas of telecommunications, measurement and security.

Within its activities, it provides Internet, data and voice services, including services in the area of administration, maintenance and construction of optical and telecommunication infrastructures. It also offers and implements sophisticated solutions for railway environments such as stationary vehicle and mobile communication and technology systems within vehicles (GSM-R projects), ETCS train protection systems, including their implementation from the solution design and installation to warranty and post-warranty servicing in 24/7 mode under guaranteed SLAs. ČD - Telematika has a long-term focus on solutions in the field of road telematics and servicing and maintenance of other ICT infrastructure components. 

ČD - Telematika has built a stable backbone network of over 3,500 kilometres, with a transmission capacity of up to 80 × 10 Gbps and more than 500 connection points.

The company’s portfolio of activities includes:

  • Construction, servicing and operation of telecommunications and communications technology.
  • Mobile and signalling technology for railway rolling stock such as railway infrastructure quality measurement, ETCS, communication systems, on-board communication services and more.
  • Quality high-speed Internet connection interlinking multiple individual sites throughout the Czech Republic. 
  • Serverhousing, telehousing
  • Lease of space in three own geographically independent data centres with a high level of security. Data centres are supported by surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Specialised service centres provide services to customers at 25 locations in the Czech Republic.
  • The portfolio is complemented by services including a contact centre service, system integration, diagnostics and data analysis and cyber security. 

Since its establishment in 1994 and more than 25 years of operation on the Czech market, it has built a position as one of the largest suppliers of wholesale telecommunications services. ČD - Telematika is a stable company with more than 500 employees, whose skills and qualifications form the basis of its success.

ČD-T services are provided in accordance with the requirements of ČSN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and ČSN ISO / IEC 20000-1 Information Technology - Service Management, and others. ČD-T holds NBU “Classified” level certification and AQAP certification regarding NATO requirements for quality verification in design, development and production. It is a member of professional organisations including CZ.NIC, NIX.CZ, ACRI and AKI CR, and participates in the FENIX – secure Internet in the Czech Republic project. 

Products and Services


The CDT-Internet service enables access to the Internet via the ČD - Telematika network

Railway Telematics and Systems

Railway signaling and communication systems ETCS and GSM-R

Infrastructure Services

We provide service operations throughout the Czech Republic, 24 hours a day, seven days a week


We operate an optical network with a length of more than 3,500 km

Voice Services

Services of Virtual Operator, reverse charge calls and others

Data Services

Do you require VPN, quick optical channel connection or constant transfer capacity?

ICT Services

Use our indepent datacentre for serverhousing

ICT Security

Information Security Services based on previous analysis

Company History

Whole History

ČD - Telematika has continued its focus on providing services and maintenance of ŽTM for Správa železnic. In April 2020, however, Správa železnic announced to ČD - Telematika its intention to secure this activity with its own resources and invited ČD - Telematika to start negotiations about the sale of the part of the plant providing this activity. ČD - Telematika was therefore intensively engaged in negotiations on the form and conditions of the transaction for the rest of the year. These negotiations continued in 2021.

The crucial project and new responsibility for the period of the next few years to come is the delivery of the mobile part of the European Train Control System ETCS for České dráhy and ČD Cargo. In the course of 2020, two traction vehicle prototypes were successfully completed for the ČD Cargo contract, and the series installation is gradually beginning.

In the area of construction, the successful implementation of the contract to secure the Březno tunnel on the Lužná u Rakovníka – Chomutov route using the innovative Lidar technology for our partner AŽD was realised. At the same time, several other orders for the reconstruction of route sections and infrastructure were implemented within the relocation of optic-fibre cables, for both SŽ and ČD – Telematika’s own optical infrastructure.

In 2020, the Company also continued with GSM-R construction projects, the contract for system integration of a new Technical Passport Infrastructure (TPI) and delivery of new telephone exchanges for Správa železnic. The year 2020 brought a further shift towards resolving an issue regarding Správa železnic and ČD land for ŽVPS line purposes. Geometric plans have been drawn up for most of the questioned land, and servitudes have already been set up for some of them between ČD - Telematika, Správa železnic and ČD. ČD - Telematika’s goal was to have this issue resolved by the end of 2020, however, due to the pandemic situation the project was delayed and will be completed during 2021.


ČD - Telematika, ALSTOM Belgium and the ADŽ consortium won a contract for the mobile part of the European ETCS train protection system delivery for ČD Cargo. ČD-T will equip 78 locomotives of ČD Cargo in total – 31 locomotives of the 163 series, and 47 locomotives of the 363 series. Completion of the contract, totalling tens of millions of euro, is planned by the end of 2022. ČD - Telematika, ALSTOM Belgium and the ADŽ consortium also won a contract for the mobile part of the European ETCS train protection system delivery for České dráhy. ČD-T will equip 131 locomotives of České dráhy in total comprising the 162, 362, 162 WTB and 362 WTB series. Completion of the contract, totalling tens of millions of euro, is planned by the end of 2023.

ČD - Telematika successfully tested data transfer with 1.2 Tbit/s capacities in its network; the test was unique as it was run during regular operation of the DWDM network. The test was organised in cooperation with the CESNET Association utilising ECI Company technology.

ČD - Telematika, together with CEZ Group and Severočeská vodárenská společnost, became a founding member of the Association of Critical Infrastructures of the Czech Republic. One of the main aims of this newly established association is to create optimal conditions for the operation and security of critical infrastructure of the Czech Republic. Parts of the critical infrastructure are such components or systems which, if disrupted, would have a major impact on state security, assurance of basic life conditions for residents, the health of individuals or state economics.

Succesful completion of the GSM-R System Building for Kapsch CarrierCom s.r.o., on railway line České Budějovice – Plzeň. Continuation of the new Technical Infrastructure Passport (TPI), including passport of railway top side according to the contract with Správa železnic, a state organization. Delivery of work on Český Těšín – Dětmarovice railway line optimization and reconstruction of platforms No. 1 and No. 4 in the Havlíčkův Brod railway station.

Renewal of technological equipment of Husovický tunnel on road I/42 in Brno with SPEL for ŘSD. Installation of smart parking automats in another area of Pražské předměstí in České Budějovice, which includes around 2,600 parking spaces. Installation of a camera system for a speed measurement device onto a provisional bridge that temporarily spans the Nové Mlýny water reservoir. Delivery and installation of another 35 parking automats in Brno. Central information system for easy transport in České Budějovice gained second prize in the Tools and Innovations category of the 2018 Parking Space competition.

Equipping of another 338 rails for DPOV with Wi-Fi technology. Obtaining a contract for reconstruction of the Správa železnic telephone network, a state organisation. Contract with ČD for securing the operation, service and maintenance of data network.

In the third year of the Together for Others social responsibility programme, the amount of CZK 250,000 was distributed based on 405 votes. Employees in this programme suggest social care charity projects in which they themselves are personally involved.


ČD - Telematika replaced active components in its L2 network with new routers from the Cisco company. This concerned changing active transmission components in the Ethernet and replacing them with newer and more efficient technology based on the MPLS system. This technological upgrade primarily delivers a significant capacity increase to customers. The routers were changed in more than 160 localities. The complete investment value is more than CZK 50 million.

Further railway stations, namely Olomouc, Plzen main station, Ostrava main station, Ostrava-Svinov, and Brno main station, were covered with free Wi-Fi. Implementation of Prague – Benešov optical route back up. Within the ČDT-Internet framework, product launch of RTBH filtering from damaging and undesirable Internet traffic.

Delivery of Central Information System relating to the current system of paid parking stands of České Budějovice. Delivery of 120 new intelligent parking automats to Brno as part of a five-year project called “Brno’s System of Transport Organisation and Safety”.

Finalisation of a further part of the GSM-R building system on České Velenice – České Budějovice – Horní Dvořiště railway roads for Kapsch CarrierCom s.r.o. and SŽDC as the submitter. Completed data connection of branches of the Railway Research Institute with its headquarter.

Investment PPF Group acquired a 29.04% share in ČD - Telematika through Telematika, a.s.; the share was formerly owned by UNI Telematika of the UNICAPITAL investment group.

In the third year of the “Together for Others” social responsibility programme, CZK 200,000 was divided between projects from the social care area based on 409 votes of company employees. In the ČD-T headquarters building in Pod Táborem, a Christmas market was organised, and employees bought products from Zahrada Kladno and Dobroty s příběhem, socially therapeutic work rooms, totalling CZK 14,974.


Signing of contract with Vodafone Czech Republic a.s. for further backbone optical routes. Backing up of Prague – Benešov optical route. ČDT-ANTIDDOS service applied for safety of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. Extension of regional communication infrastructure CameINET of the Plzeň region – Blovice part.

Extension of capacity of antiDDoS solution – new model of product cleaning of the ČDT-ANTIDDOS is able to handle attacks with capacity up to 60 Gb/s. Launching of service of RTBH filtering from damaging or unwanted operation within internet in frame of the ČDT-Internet product.

Realization of WiFi network coverage of six metro stations including online information security system for DPP (Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy, akciová společnost - the Prague Public Transport Company, a.s.). Free WiFi service – free access to internet for travelling passengers - was extended in further three important train stations – Ústí nad Labem, Hradec Králové, and Zlín.

Share in implementation of STOP functionality (remote stopping of train) in GSM-R radio network of the investor of the SŽDC. Delivery of server farm for SŽDC. Signing of contract for the new Technical Passport of Infrastructure (TPI) and for ZOKB Analyses project
Signing of contract for realization of GSM-R construction (České Velenice – České Budějovice – Horní Dvořiště, Plzeň – České Budějovice, and Ústí nad Orlicí – Lichkov) with Kapsch CarrierCom s.r.o.

Completion of the work as per Delivery of Technology for Increasing Security and Continuity of Road Transport contract with the Central Bohemia Region as the submitter. Realization of testing laboratory for the Centre of Transport Research with Technology of Tracking of Occupied Parking Places for Trucks on Rest Spots task. Construction of information system for motorways maintenance (ISUD) for the ŘSD (the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic). Winner of public competition for four years´ service of technological and software devices of road tunnels in Brno city area. Winner of selection procedure for delivery of parking automats project and central information system (CIS) for České Budějovice.

Finalization of large reconstruction of reception area in the building located in Prague, Pod Táborem street. NOC of Telecommunication Services in Prague has new supervision centre. Establishment of new department of Customer Centre in Plzeň.
ČD-T employees organized collection of material donation for Dobré víly dětem (the Good Fairies for Children) organization. In socially responsible program employees by voting decided about projects which ČD – Telematika supported with financial donation in total amount of CZK 250 thousand. Christmas tree of fulfilled wishes brought present of CZK 21,551 from employees to Dobré víly dětem organization.


CGI IT Czech Republic s.r.o. and VZP new customers of ČD – Telematika data centre. Signing of first two contracts about setting of ČDT-ANTIDOOS service. Successful access of internet, voice, and IPTV services provider JON.CZ into our network in Poděbrady and Nymburk locations. Handover of backbone optical network to Vodafone Czech Republic as per large contract.

Entry to Internet of Things (IoT) market with smart parking solution, which ČD – Telematika realized, as the first company in the Czech Republic, for Liberec city where embedded 240 parking spaces. In IoT field there were introduced new services – Position Detection and Security of Remote Objects.

Delivery and implementation of technology for travelling passengers to access public internet network through broadcasting of WiFi signal in carriages and railjet trains of the Czech Railways (ČD).

Finalization of realization of control-analytical centre for transport control and completion of building of backbone transient transfer SDH network with speed of STM-16. DJŽV Association successfully realized for SŽDC project called Diagnostic of Ridden Rail Vehicles which will improve prevention of serious traffic accidents on railways. Start of delivery of services according to MASW contract – operation of system.
Completion of Frýdlant nad Ostravicí – Valašské Meziříčí Railway Revitalization for AŽD Praha s.r.o. Finalization of GSM-R (Beroun – Plzeň - Cheb) and (Kolín – Havlíčkův Brod – Brno) construction for Kapsch CarrierCom s.r.o.

Since March 1st, 2016 ČD-T presents its comments to telecommunication networks also online. Completion of “GIS (geographic information system)” project for unification of geographic data.

Realization of Cyber Security order for Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy, akciová společnost.

UNICAPITAL investment group bought, through its trading company UNI Telematika, 29.4% share of ČD – Telematika which was owned by Dial Telecom.


Expansion of the existing third data centre in Prague to include a new technology room designed for the Confidential classification level, with a capacity of 119 rack positions.

Delivery of a contract adjusting technological equipment at the Pisárky Tunnel in Brno – control system replacement – to the contracting authority, the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic.

Conclusion of a contract for a backbone fibre-optic network extension – Ministry of the Interior and Czech Post's ICT Services branch. Prague GSM-R node (Beroun – Prague – Benešov). Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs – public contract for the operation of the Single Labour and Social Affairs Information System – Integrated Support and Operational Data.

Contract with the Railway Infrastructure Administration on the supply, installation and recovery of 320 multimodal radios for special locomotives. Completion of the reconditioning of 2,134 150 MHz band vehicle radios for the České dráhy Group. Contract for the supply and implementation of a WiFi signal in České dráhy train cars and units.

Expansion of ICT Security services to include the implementation of corporate information security. ČD-T fibre-optic network channels IPTV. Expansion of internet security products to include ČDT-ANTIDDOS.

7.39% share held by AŽD Praha s.r.o. and 2.48% share held by the Railroad Union in ČD - Telematika a.s. sold to České dráhy, a.s. 54% share held by ČD-T in Quadruple a.s. sold to other shareholders. ČD-T became the sole shareholder of ECHIS a.s. Sale of 34% share in XT-Card a.s. to ČD - Informační Systémy, a.s.


Contract with SŽDC on the supply, installation and recovery of 320 multimodal radios for special locomotives. Delivery of upgraded motorised ERTMS rolling stock, including diagnostic systems for signalling technology.

Completion of the project “Installation of 459 GSM-R mobile radios in the rolling stock of České dráhy, a.s., a ČD Cargo, a.s.”.
ČD - Telematika became a member of the FENIX project, devised to safeguard a secure internet in the Czech Republic.
Delivery of the second stage of fibre-optic backbone lines to Vodafone Czech Republic a.s. and a contract to provide 13 fibre-optic lines running for a total length of more than 400 km.

WiFi Free (free Wi-Fi access for all passengers) was put into pilot operation at the railway stations Praha hlavní nádraží, Praha Masarykovo nádraží and Pardubice hlavní nádraží.

Contract for the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic to modify the technology used at Pisárecký tunel (Pisárky Tunnel), Brno – control system replacement.
Contracting for GSM-R structures: GSM-R node Prague (Beroun – Praha – Benešov) and GSM-R Kolín – Havlíčkův Brod – Křižanov – Brno.


WiFi Free (free Wi-Fi access for all passengers) was put into pilot operation at the railway stations Praha hlavní nádraží, Praha Masarykovo nádraží and Pardubice hlavní nádraží.

Contract for the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic to modify the technology used at Pisárecký tunel (Pisárky Tunnel), Brno – control system replacement.

Contracting for GSM-R structures: GSM-R node Prague (Beroun – Praha – Benešov) and GSM-R Kolín – Havlíčkův Brod – Křižanov – Brno.

Conclusion of major contracts with the Czech Railway Infrastructure Administration and the Czech Republic (represented by the Ministry of Defence), implementation of a project to fit railway vehicles with GSM-R radios.
Renewal of existing ISO certification in ICT service provision, including quality management, and a successful audit of certification under Czech Defence Standard ČOS 051622 (AQAP 2110).


Sale of 100% share in ČDT - Informační Systémy and transfer of shares to the new owner, České dráhy, a.s.

Completion of the second stage of strategic projects for ČD and ČD Cargo.

Defending certifications according to several systems, obtaining ČOS 051622 (AQAP 2110) certificate.

ČD-T fully supports IPv6. Development in providing services based on DWDM and in Telehousing and Serverhousing sectors, expansion of the backbone network and realization of key investment by means of implementing DWDM transmission platform.

ČD-T was certified by the National Security Authority (NBÚ) to "Secret" level.


Completion of 2011 with the best economic results in ČD-T history.

Establishing a ČDT subsidiary - Informační Systémy, a.s., and transferring a part of ČD - Telematika a.s. - Systems and Technology section into the newly formed company (1 April 2011). Further strengthening telecommunication infrastructure. Implementation of strategic projects for T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s., České dráhy, a.s., and ČD Cargo, a.s.


Completion of DWDM transmission network upgrade resulting in strengthening the backbone transmission system of ČD-T network enabling sales of new WDM services. As well, the IPNET network used to transfer L2 Ethernet services and L3 Internet services was upgraded significantly. This increased the IPNET throughput and stability.

Consolidation of IT services provided particularly to the Czech Railways Group, preparing the Systems and Technology section spin-off into the subsidiary.


Transformation of ČD - Telematika a.s. continues – consolidation of business activities and creation of a separate Department of SAP solutions and services, sale of a share in the subsidiary, CDT International, s.r.o.


Creating a product segment Systems and technologies, consolidation of the IT services portfolio, distribution of activities in the railway segment to reflect the new organizational structure of key customers, in particular with regard to the transfer of the railway infrastructure from České dráhy, a.s., to the state organization Správa železniční dopravní cesty (Railway Infrastructure Administration).


Initiation of transformation of product segments and property investment in companies CDT International, s.r.o., and XT-Card a.s.


Completing consolidation of ČD - Telematika a.s. after depositing a part of České dráhy, a.s.


Deposit of the branch ČD - Telematika o. z. (1 April 2005) and extending the original range of telecommunication services by products from informatics; renaming to ČD - Telematika a.s. (1 May 2005).


Introduction of new telecommunications services, primarily for telecommunications operators.


Transformation into a joint stock company ČD - Telekomunikace.


Commencement of business activities in the Czech market.


Construction of high-speed fiber-optic backbone network was started under an exclusive agreement with České dráhy, s.o., on construction of a high-capacity railway backbone network.


Establishment of ČD - Telekomunikace, s. r. o., as an investment company whose mission was to build a digital telecommunications network using telecommunication fiber optic cables and broadband transmission technology.


ISO 9001

Systém managementu kvality

ISO 14001

Systém environmentálního managementu

ISO 45001

Systém managementu bezpečnosti a ochrany zdraví při práci

ISO 27001

Systém managementu bezpečnosti informací


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