Railway Telematics and Systems


We are among the most prominent integrators of on-board ETCS systems for rolling stock in the Czech Republic.

ETCS (European Train Control System) is a European security system whose main goal is to unify the security systems of European railways, thereby increasing the safety of railway transport across Europe, and allowing trains to cross the borders of individual countries without need to replace the traction vehicle or to equip traction vehicles with multiple national security systems.

Railway vehicles already in use can be retrofitted with ETCS, including integration into the vehicle's current systems and equipment. In such cases, we will cover all activities, from receiving the vehicle from the contractor, to final handover in fully fit condition for use, equipped with fully functional on-board ETCS systems. In addition to the supply of ETCS technologies themselves, implementation also includes prototyping, i.e., finding a suitable technical solution for integrating ETCS systems into the particular vehicle, testing, trials and approval by relevant railway authorities. The next stage is serial vehicle fitting, which always involves installation and commissioning of the newly added systems, followed by approval of the vehicle for use (certificate of conformity with the prototype).

A leading European manufacturer supplies us with ETCS technologies themselves. Thanks to close collaboration with the technology manufacturer Alstom, we are the only company in the Czech Republic able to commission ETCS devices. Our customers include important railway transport companies both from the passenger and freight sectors, for whom we retrofit ETCS technology into commonly used vehicles and even some rarer vehicle series.

These highly specialised activities add another dimension to our portfolio, building on our own experience in the field of railway telematics in the Czech Republic, especially supplies of the GSM-R system, which represents the European standard for wireless communications between controllers and trains and serves as the basic ETCS communication system.

In the context of European and Czech legislation, the construction of the ETCS system (both stationary and on-board parts) is a highly important strategic matter for Czech railways in the coming period.

GSM-R Radio Stations

The fitting of railway vehicles with GSM-R radio stations is a comprehensive solution where the locomotive or carriages are equipped with vehicle radio stations, follow-up guarantee and post-guarantee servicing is provided in line with the guaranteed parameters, and periodic preventive maintenance of the complete radio station is carried out.


GSM-R vehicle radio stations

  • Used for communication between the driver, dispatcher, controller, or another locomotive, and for other official communication via a connection to any other telephone or mobile network
  • Essential for operations on all lines or junctions where the railway infrastructure manager orders radio communication over a GSM-R network
  • Meet all the requirements of EIRENE international standards, especially for one-way group calls, two-way group calls, identifying the functional number of a locomotive, emergency calls, and call prioritisation
  • Prepared for train stops
  • Can be equipped with other additional modules, such as a module for transmitting data via a public operator, or a GPS module for transmitting vehicle position information

Key benefits

  • GSM-R technological know-how
  • Trained and experienced engineers holding the necessary authorisation
  • Long-term specialisation in rail services
  • Provision of comprehensive services, including delivery, installation, operation, servicing and maintenance of vehicle radio stations and the related ICT infrastructure
  • Nationwide operations

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We operate an optical network with a length of more than 3,500 km

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