ČD - Telematika a.s. is a robust, leading-edge ICT company providing voice, data and construction services in tandem with telecommunication infrastructure maintenance and management. Since its inception in 1994, it has built up a dominant position as one of the domestic market’s largest wholesale operators. The skills and abilities of our more than 500 employees are central to the company’s success.

Nevertheless, economic results are not the be all and end all, and we are aware that we can also shape the world around us by lending a helping hand where it is needed. With this in mind, we have long engaged in activities that are beneficial to the community at large and provide assistance with projects that are geared towards social issues and the promotion of education.

Projects sponsored

Strančice Children’s Centre

A healthcare facility for children up to three years old (and in certain cases up to six years old) who depend on the continuous and intensive assistance of others www.ddstrancice.cz. ČD - Telematika first started working with the Strančice centre in 2012 through the personal involvement of employees, backed up by financial assistance. We have taken the time and made the effort to help Strančice ever since.

Over the years, ČD - Telematika has made sponsorship donations to the Children’s Centre running into several hundred thousand crowns. Other funds, amounting to tens of thousands of crowns, have been gifted directly by the company’s employees, who have also organised collections of toiletries, toys, etc., for Strančice.

In addition, day-long work teams are organised for ČD - Telematika’s employees to help out with the maintenance of the building and surrounding complex.

In 2015, we also have plans to support the Children’s Centre with financial donations and as part of our employee benefits scheme. We are also keen to organise a DMS collection to build a playground and hope to be involved in preparing the design documentation for this project.

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Helping Others Together Scheme

This scheme aims to support the charitable interests and activities of our employees across the country. All employees can become actively involved in the scheme if they have a specific proposal to provide assistance in an area related to social care, such as help for the disabled, seniors and otherwise disadvantaged adults and children.

Other Projects

ČD - Telematika has sponsored numerous expert conferences and events, including the second year of the Science Fair (Vědecký jarmark) which inspires young people to study scientific and technical fields. The company is set to partner this event again in 2015.