Service of infrastructure

The service includes irregular interventions due to a failure or occurring based on customer's requirement to change their own ICT infrastructure. We provide the service for our own implementations, as well as for technologies supplied by a third party.

Service parameters

  • solving the problem or emergency recovery of the equipment functionality with subsequent final solution and removing the problem correcting the problem as quickly as possible
  • function test of the equipment
  • changes in HW or SW configuration according to customer's requirements
  • specification of the activities carried out according to customer's requirements
  • SLA guarantee (defining the time to start solving the problem and fault elimination, the time to the moment when the equipment is temporarily or finally put into operation)
  • reporting service interventions with presentation on the customer portal if appropriate

Technological coverage of service

  • LAN, MAN a WAN data networks (network elements Cisco, 3com, HP,...)
  • telephone networks - separate PBX or PBX networks (Ericsson, Siemens, TTC, 2N PBXs, etc.)
  • SDH, PDH, PCM, analogue transmission systems
  • digital and analogue networks
  • copper and optical cables (local, long distance, storage, hanging)
  • local distribution systems (structured cabling of cat. 5, cat. 6 and cat. 7)
  • signaling and monitoring equipment (ESS, EFS, CCTV)
  • information equipment, wireless and local radios, audio-visual systems
  • video and voice recording devices, a message recording devices
  • power systems 48V DC, 230/400V AC, UPS
  • technological areas including racks, distribution systems, air conditioning and fire extinguishing system

Main benefits

  • know-how of the listed technologies and technological units
  • transferring service costs to the service provider
  • reducing personnel costs at the customer
  • outsourcing of auxiliary activities