Smart Security

Electronic seal helps to secure fire technical equipment, remote facilities outside usual building estate, IT rooms, or sealed emergency exits. Compact unit monitors its status (disruption, intrusion) and seal status (breaching or bridging, vibration, ultrasound). When disrupted it transmits via secured channel information about type and time of seal breaching into application where it displays alarm, which is, together with its status, recorded for each unit.

Solution Parameters

  • Communication network of 868 MHz band (operation without SIM card)
  • Coverage of the whole Czech Republic and of a half of Europe (working on further coverage)
  • Safe against disruption
  • Magnetic, optical, and electrical switches
  • Detection of motion (accelerometer)
  • Integration of external interfaces (I2C, SPI, UART, USART, RS485/RS422, etc.)
  • Can be used for securing of:
    • Remote buildings, fire technical equipment, IT rooms, sealed emergency exits, and security technologies
    • Places where it is needed to have information about unauthorized entrance or disruption – sewer drains, main close of gas, electricity, water, and other, places of energy readings, pipeline entries (hot water, gas, hotsteam pipe lines, etc. )
    • Deliveries against steeling during transportation, storage, etc.

Main advantages

  • Simple installation
  • Battery endurance for at least five years with no need of external power supply
  • Possibility of securing remote and “difficult to guard” objects
  • Linked to central dispatching – municipal police, private security agency – immediate response, sending of mobile unit when intruded
  • Optimization of costs of physical controls, optimization of regular patrols
  • Costs saving on operation – no need of constant power supply

Designed for

  • Small, medium and large enterprises
  • Public administration and municipalities
  • Companies with need to secure remote facilities