Smart Parking

Smart parking of ČD – Telematika can track changes of parking space status on line. Data are, through data interface, transmitted to customer and he can observe traffic and manage and optimize usage of parking spaces. Small sensor embedded into road surface within minutes and wireless communication network which covers the whole Czech Republic do all the work.

Solution Parameters

  • Communication network of 868 MHz band (operation without SIM card)
  • Coverage of the whole Czech Republic and of a half of Europe (working on further coverage)
  • Safe against disruption
  • Sensor sends message when status change (vacant/occupied)
  • Endurance of sensor battery guaranteed for at least five years with no need of maintenance or external power supply

Main Advantages

  • Information about vacant/occupied parking spaces
  • Possibility to optimize parking spaces
  • Possibility to manage parking fee with optional increase
  • Possibility to visualize occupancy of parking spaces in real time
  • Low investment and operational costs and short time of realization
  • Not dependant on electric wiring
  • No need of additional infrastructure (master/slave collectors, data cables, power supply, etc.)
  • Simple assembling and disassembling – approximately 1/2 hour per one parking space (drilling into road surface)

Further Advantages

  • Based on data analysis it enables to regulate long-term and short-term parking
  • Possible to use for securing special spaces such as no parking or dedicated parking (for firemen or ambulance) spaces
  • Can be used as replacement of current system which needs power supply or SIM card – costs saving

Extension Option

  • Central application
    • Management of parking spaces use
    • Public/private/paid information publication about availability of parking spaces
    • Evaluation of parking spaces use for mid-term and long-term parking
    • Optimization of current parking space use – finding of vacant parking space on line
    • Linked to transport management system
    • Integration into transport system of municipality
    • Statistics and reports about occupancy and utilization of parking spaces
  • Linked to information tables

Designed for

  • Municipalities
  • Small, medium and large enterprises