Road Telematics & Internet of Things


Smart parking from ČD - Telematika offers a comprehensive monitoring system for private and public car parks using trained deep neural networks. The system recognises the available capacity and can also detect suspicious behaviour, incorrect parking or driving in the opposite direction.

Solution parameters

  • Sophisticated product also utilisable outside of car parking lots
  • Detection based on intelligent image analysis
  • Uses existing cameras or new cameras supplied as part of a solution
  • Data transfer via LTE, WiFi or LAN
  • Virtual Private Network for secure communication
  • Intuitive software for a perfect situation overview
  • Possibility of both indoors and outdoors uses

Who is the service for?

  • Municipalities and cities
  • Small, medium and large companies

Asset Tracking

This service enables, with the help of durable compact unit, to track the location of a device. The unit is placed, for example, on a vehicle and, based on its setting (e.g. no motion longer than xy minutes), it transmits its location into central application. The unit does not need maintenance or power supply; the internal battery battery longevity is at least five years.

Solution parameters

  • Communication network of 868 MHz band (operation without SIM card)
  • Coverage throughout whole Czech Republic and half of Europe (working on further coverage)
  • Safe against disruption
  • Durable unit transmits its location according its settings
  • Tracking of vehicle/device/delivery location in real time
  • Optional delivery prediction
  • Control of delivery dates
  • A GPS locator equipped unit transmits information about vehicle/device/delivery location when its status (e.g. no motion longer than xy minutes) changes

Main Advantages

  • Simple and quick installation and reinstallation with no need interfere with construction of a device
  • Low installation cost
  • Internal battery longevity guaranteed for at least five years with no need of maintenance or external power supply
  • Data integration into customer systems
  • When using without GPS locator (costs saving) it is possible to monitor, among other things, time of operation and thus plan and optimise inspection and repairs

Designed for

  • Transportation companies
  • Postal and courier companies
  • Companies with a need to service, plan, and monitor larger amounts of technical equipment
  • Municipalities


CDT-SpeedCAM segment speed measurement brings you an affordable solution for increasing road safety. The state-of-the-art technology used ensures high accuracy, intuitive operation and instant outputs, including the optional creation of detailed passing vehicle statistics.

Solution parameters

  • State-of-the-art measurement technology
  • Detection based on intelligent image analysis
  • Virtual private network (VPN) for secure communication
  • Intuitive operating software

Who is the service for?

  • Municipalities and cities
  • Directorate of Roads and Motorways
  • Regions

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