Maintenance of infrastructure

The service includes performing regular maintenance of devices to increase in their reliability and serviceability. The scope of these activities is prescribed or recommended by the manufacturer directly, or it generally results from experience of operating the respective equipment.

Service parameters

  • check of functionality of the equipment, especially network functions
  • visual and mechanical inspection of the equipment, cleaning the equipment and filters, check of cooling, check of mounting and mechanical securing of boards, parts and the whole equipment, check of supply conductors, cables, connectors and terminal boards
  • check for completeness of equipment, including record-keeping and documentation data
  • measuring, setup and check of configuration of the equipment operating parameters, adjusting to the guide values
  • check of the equipment power supply
  • regular inspection activities, including reports
  • electronic records of maintenance, service reporting

Technological coverage of maintenance

  • LAN, MAN a WAN data networks (network elements Cisco, 3com, HP,...)
  • telephone networks - separate PBX or PBX networks (Ericsson, Siemens, TTC, 2N PBXs, etc.)
  • SDH, PDH, PCM, analogue transmission systems
  • copper and optical cables (local, long distance, storage, hanging)
  • local distribution systems (structured cabling up to cat. 6)
  • signaling and monitoring equipment (ESS, EFS, CCTV)
  • information equipment, wireless and local radios, audio-visual systems
  • video and voice recording devices, a message recording devices
  • power systems 48V DC, 230/400V AC, UPS
  • technological areas, including racks, distribution systems, air conditioning and fire extinguishing system

Main benefits

  • preventing serious failure of equipment
  • reliability
  • outsourcing of auxiliary activities