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Internet of Things

We help cities and villages to solve difficulties with parking and with building security in or outside municipalities. Those and other smart solutions are part of our turn-key solution in area of Internet of Things (IoT). Among others we are taking part in research and development of intelligent systems for SMART CITY concept – it is concept of innovative and modern municipalities with University Centre for Energy Effective Buildings (UCEEB) which is part of organizational structure of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Our smart solutions for Internet of Things use special communication network with coverage of the whole republic. This large net works in 868 MHz band and end devices do not need to have a SIM card. Device or place which needs to “go live” gets a sensor with a modem which transmits via network signal about its status. The sensor is able to track wide range of things; it is practically with no maintenance need; and its battery runs for up to 10 years.