IMS policy

ČD - Telematika a.s. is a leading provider of wholesale internet, data and voice services and supplier of telecommunications infrastructure management, maintenance and construction services. It provides housing services in highly secure data centres and owns the second largest fibre-optic infrastructure in the Czech Republic. It supplies its services to discerning customers from amid state administration institutions, the rail transport segment, large corporations, and local connectivity providers.

In our work, we focus on meeting customers’ needs with a view to delivering high-quality products and services. We foster partnerships with companies providing ICT services to final customers in the private and public sector and we offer joint solutions capitalising on our own unique structure and know-how. We are mindful of the fact that our company’s activities also have an impact on the environment, on the occupational safety and health of our employees and, needless to say, on information security.

ČD - Telematika is keen to pursue its strategic and economic goals systematically and smoothly.

To preserve and build on our market position, we have implemented – and maintain and continually improve – an integrated quality management system (QMS) conforming to ČSN ISO 9001 (including AQAP 2110 requirements), an environmental management system (EMS) conforming to ČSN ISO 14001, a safety management system (SMS) conforming to ČSN ISO 45001, an information security management system (ISMS) conforming to ČSN ISO/IEC 27001 and an IT service management system (ITSM) conforming to ČSN ISO/IEC 20000-1.

Fully aware of its responsibility, the company management has adopted the following strategic concepts, relying on the cooperation and creativity of employees in the implementation thereof:

ČD - Telematika commitments

  • Provide professional and reliable telecommunications and telematics services, come with reliable and efficient solutions and services tailored to individual customer needs, build sound business relationships and provide a high standard of quality, and ensure continuous improvement of IMS.
  • Ensure security of information by reasonable and appropriate measures to protect information assets and to provide adequate assurance to our company, but also to our customers and partners.
  • Monitor and evaluate our activities regularly with regard to the quality of the service or product provided, the impact on the environment, health of employees, and information security. Monitor and evaluate the needs and satisfaction of customers and adapt the service with regard to the importance of each customer for the company. Adapt services to the changing needs of customers.
  • Be the first choice for customers who prefer a secure and reliable services, be the first choice for customers who require perfect functionality, low failure rate, high reliability and a long service life of their technological units and equipment, to be an indispensable partner for customers on their way to business success and constantly monitor the needs of our customers and to find effective and appropriate solutions for them.
  • Constantly motivate each employee to participate in the development of their skills and care about their satisfaction and health. Each of our employees has enough space for their self-fulfillment and opportunity to directly contribute to the further development of the company. Every employee knows their responsibilities and authorities in meeting objectives and ensuring functionality of IMS.
  • Create decent working environment and be the preferred employer in the labour market.
  • Require consistent and accurate compliance with the procedures set out in the documentation of the integrated system from each employee, as well as high responsibility for the quality of their work consisting in preventing mistakes and thorough self-check of results of their work before sending them to co-workers or customers.
  • Use technologies, processes, products and materials that do not endanger workers and the environment and that are safe and environmentally friendly in terms of their intended use. Depending on production, reduce consumption of energy and raw materials, ensure proper disposal of waste and comply with binding limits on emissions into the environment.
  • Search, analyze and consult risks and adopt procedures to reduce them, focus on continuous improvement and reduce the risk of an emergency event or a safety incident.
  • Observe and comply with the applicable legislation and requirements of government bodies and other stakeholders in all fields of activity. In addition to complying with legal requirements, preferentially promote contractual business, technical and security obligations.