GSM-R Radio Stations

The fitting of railway vehicles with GSM-R radio stations is a comprehensive solution where the locomotive or carriages are equipped with vehicle radio stations, follow-up guarantee and post-guarantee servicing is provided in line with the guaranteed parameters, and periodic preventive maintenance of the complete radio station is carried out.

GSM-R vehicle radio stations

  • used for communication between the driver, the dispatcher, controller, or another locomotive, and for other official communication via a connection to any other telephone or mobile network
  • are essential for operations on all lines or junctions where the railway infrastructure manager orders radio communication over a GSM-R network
  • meet all the requirements of EIRENE international standards, especially for one-way group calls, two-way group calls, identifying the functional number of a locomotive, emergency calls, and call prioritisation
  • are prepared for train stops
  • can be equipped with other additional modules, such as a module for transmitting data via a public operator, or a GPS module for transmitting vehicle position information

Key benefits

  • GSM-R technological know-how
  • trained and experienced engineers holding the necessary authorisation
  • long-term specialisation in rail services
  • provision of comprehensive services, including delivery, installation, operation, servicing and maintenance of vehicle radio stations and the related ICT infrastructure
  • nationwide operations