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Company Profile

ČD - Telematika a.s. is a prominent provider of wholesale internet, data and voice services, and a leading supplier of fibre-optic infrastructure management, maintenance and construction services. This portfolio of activities is complemented with value-added services, including a call centre, system integration, data-based diagnostics and analysis, and cybersecurity. Another dynamically developed segment of offered services is road telemetry and area of internet of things in which the company delivers, for example, smart parking solutions. From 1994, when the company was founded, over more than 25 years of operation it has built a position of one of the biggest supplier of wholesale telecommunication services on the Czech ICT market. ČD - Telematika is a stable company with more than 500 employees, whose skills and qualifications are essential to its success.

ČD - Telematika (ČD-T) provides comprehensive solutions through a diverse range of products, including consulting and outsourcing. It sets up, runs and services various components of telecommunication infrastructures, including challenging ICT projects, with high reliability guaranteed by an SLA (Service Level Agreement). It delivers quality high-speed internet connections interlinking multiple sites throughout the Czech Republic. These operations are neatly complemented by professional server-hosting, telehousing and collocation-facility services and technology in the company’s own geographically independent high-security data centres. Data centres are supported by monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Specialist development and service centres provide customers with services at 25 points throughout the Czech Republic.

The company’s excellent financial shape allows us to invest long term in the setting-up and running of our own fibre-optic infrastructure, which is the second largest in the Czech Republic by number of kilometres. ČD - Telematika has built up a stable 3,500-kilometre backbone network boasting a transmission capacity of up to 80 x 10 Gbps and more than 500 access points.

ČD-T is also a long-standing specialist in the servicing and maintenance of the various elements of ICT infrastructure, which we also plan, design and construct as an ancillary service. On account of its unique know-how, ČD-T is in a position to offer sophisticated solutions to measure transport route quality, interlinking rolling stock with advanced tracking technology. It also has the capacity and ability to deliver and run specialised software solutions for transport telematics, data warehouses, logistics, monitoring and surveillance system extensions for ICT infrastructure, etc. Another area of operation is the supply of GSM-R projects (vehicle and mobile communications systems), including design, installation and guarantee/post-guarantee SLA-guaranteed servicing around the clock.

ČD - Telematika’s mobile and data products have a proven track record with corporate clients, government bodies, wholesale customers and even regional operators, including local ISPs.

The procedural aspect of ČD-T service provision adheres to the requirements of standards such as ČSN EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ČSN ISO/IEC 20000-1 Information Technology – Service Management. ČD-T holds National Security Authority “classified” level certification and AQAP certification (NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production). It is a member of professional organisations such as CZ.NIC and NIX.CZ, and is involved in the FENIX Project for a secure internet in the Czech Republic.

We are a partner you can rely on for your communication needs.


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