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ČDT-Serverhousing service allows placement of the customer's IT technology in our data centre. This product is suitable especially for customers who need to place their technology in professional premises.

Service parameters

  • rental of space (racks) to place IT technology)
  • highly secure space (smart cards, CCTV, concierge service)
  • backup uninterruptible power supply
  • diesel power units in case of power distribution network outage
  • air conditioning and continuous monitoring of temperature, humidity and power supply in the data center
  • backup of air conditioning and power supply systems
  • access of authorized persons to the data centre 24 hours a day
  • quick and guaranteed access to the Internet via the backbone ČD - Telematika network
  • continuous monitoring of the data centre and network
  • contact centre available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • biometric access systems

Main benefits of ČD – Telematika data centre

  • it was built in accordance with the latest trends and according to the relevant regulations and standards
  • it is connected to its own fiber backbone "from several independent directions"
  • high accessibility and backup of all technologies

Who is the service intended for?

  • large companies
  • government and local government
  • telecommunications operators