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ČD - Telematika has expanded its third datacentre in Prague to include a new 240 m2 technology room with a capacity of 119 rack positions. The new datacentre has been built to a high standard of security, according to the latest trends and with round-the-clock supervision.

The technology room has been designed to comply with the CONFIDENTIAL level of classification. This means that this facility meets the requirements to house the ICT technology of discriminating customers from the ranks of government, operators and large companies.

 Datacentre service parameters

  • 119 rack positions
  • facility security designed to cater to the classification level CONFIDENTIAL
  • built in accordance with TIER III specifications
  • ICT capacity of 630 kW
  • connected to its own optical backbone network from several independent directions
  • safe zone away from floodplains
  • building is part of the critical state infrastructure
  • easy to reach, customer parking
  • access for authorised persons 24 hours a day
  • continuous support from the supervision centre

 Power supply and air-conditioning

  • each rack has a feed from two independent distribution systems
  • each rack measured separately
  • HV connection from two directions – 1 MVA
  • UPS N+1 with total output of 700 kW
  • 2 x diesel generator – 1.5 MVA with start-up within 60 s
  • fuel tank – 2 x 4000 L
  • air-conditioning units N+1
  • air-conditioning with direct evaporation system
  • free-cooling air-conditioning


  • encrypted security passes
  • CCTV system
  • automatic fire-extinguishing system
  • online datacentre technology monitoring 24/7/365

The datacentre premises are used by

  • large corporations
  • government
  • financial institutions
  • telecommunications operators