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Associations and Unions

Association CZ.NIC z.s.p.o is the delegated administrator of the .CZ domain. Using its means and capabilities, the Association develops and operates its infrastructure, ensuring that it represents the interests of the local Internet community, and not to compete with its own members. (www.nic.cz)

Czech Parking Association (CPA)
Aim of the CPA is to create compact and complex conception about legal, technical, and normative conditions in a way that they form qualitative base for easy parking system solution. It actively influences legislative processes to the benefit of cities so the technical norms and decrees would respond to the real needs of transport infrastructure. (www.parkovaciasociace.cz)

ČIMIB, o.s.
ČIMIB or Czech Institute of IT Security Managers is a professional association established by the initiative of entities dealing with these issues. The basic objective of ČIMIB is to associate professionals and companies dealing with information security and promote the exchange of best practices and knowledge. The Association mission is to create a significant platform where the members can meet potential clients helping dissemination of valuable information. (www.cimib.cz)

FENIX project of Czech private subjects was established on the ground of NIX.CZ association, a national peering node, in 2013. Aim of the project is in case of massive DoS and DDoS attacks to enable accessibility of internet services to those entities which are part of this activity via secure VLAN. Such network provides higher protection to customers who necessarily need to ensure operation even during the most critical situations. (www.fe.nix.cz)

The Professional Association of Legal Entities NIX.CZ, z.s.p.o. associates Internet service providers in the Czech Republic in order to interconnect their Internet networks. The Association has built a neutral Internet exchange point NIX.CZ (Neutral Internet eXchange) in the Czech Republic, through which Internet networks of individual providers in the Czech Republic can be interconnected. (www.nix.cz)

The People Management Forum is a professional non-profit organisation set up to draw together experts and raise the Czech public’s awareness of business process management in the realm of human resources. With approximately 300 actively contributing members, it is the largest team of human resource development professionals in the Czech Republic. (www.peoplemanagementforum.cz)

The aim of the Association of Transport Telematics is, with help of constructive and mutually inter-dependent activities, to cooperate in all areas of communication, transport, and economics with result of development, future vision, and assurance of transport telematics field. Technological advancement for the benefit of national economy and of members of the association must always be in accordance with environmental codex. (www.sdt.cz)

The Association of In-House Lawyers established in 1990 is voluntary association of in-house lawyers which represents unofficial professional chamber. The Association has also long-term experience with organizing high quality educational events, seminars, and workshops for in-house lawyers and it offers to them platform for mutual discussion. (www.uppcr.cz)

Committee of Independent ICT Industry was established for companies and organizations working in field of information and communication technologies which are in the long term concerned with development of digital industry in the Czech Republic. Primary task of the Committee is to secure professional capacities and to make approachable relevant interest representations to those subjects of ICT industry which would have difficult access to such resources otherwise and which have also interest to be actively involved in development of commercial competition in this field and to contribute to enforcement of European principles and policies. (http://vnictp.cz)

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