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Accessibility Statement

The website at www.cdt.cz aims to provide maximum accessibility of content and functionality. The site has been designed with respect for Czech Web Accessibility Rules. It complies with the guiding principles of accessibility according to WCAG 1.0. The layout and content have been structured using structural XHTML 1.0 Strict. The visual presentation uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).


All the published texts are defined in relative units and their size can be freely adjusted using standard web browser tools (Ctrl + scroll wheel in Internet Explorer).


The website also uses CSS for the print version. All pages can be printed without any restriction using standard web browser resources (the default is the printer icon in the browser’s navigation bar, or via File – Print).

Input device independence

Control of the pages published is not limited by the type of input device. The content can be accessed using either a mouse or a keyboard.

Output device independence

Access to the website content is not dependent on the use of a particular type of output device, regardless of whether it is an alternative browser, text-based web browser, PDA, smartphone or text-to-speech system.

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