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This modern service is an efficient means of communication, transmitting sound and video simultaneously between two or more parties over a closed data network or the internet, regardless of where the videoconferencing rooms are situated.

 Service description

  • An opportunity for communication between videoconferencing-equipped rooms and/or between endpoints with mobile technology. Once the client application has been installed, launching videoconferencing via laptops, tablets or smart phones is simple.
  • Besides videoconferencing, service provision includes the making and subsequent publication of recordings, e.g. when holding video training for staff, and, among other things, allows conference recordings to be used for other purposes.

 Main benefits:

  • saves on travel expenses and on the time that would otherwise be spent on the road
  • anyone linked to a videoconferencing system within reach of a data connection can be invited
  • controlled production and presentation of recordings
  • the application can be expanded as and when needed over time
  • videoconferencing facilities can be shared
  • hold regular scheduled videoconferencing with a predefined list of participants, make spontaneous calls, or organise conferences
  • cooperate more efficiently with members of staff scattered over various locations by sharing presentations and documents, and communicate face-to-face with all participants at the same time


  • remote work meetings involving several different sites at once
  • distance training with the opportunity to respond immediately at the prompting of participants
  • staff interviews
  • talks and meetings for which a controlled recording needs to be made

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