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ČDT-Call centre

The ČDT – Call centre offers comprehensive communication and customer care outsourcing via a call centre. It provides sales and technical support to end customers in telecommunications and other segments.

Customer service is delivered to the extent required by the client, with a guarantee of round-the-clock availability if necessary. Operations are in the hands of ČD - Telematika’s professionally trained staff. The ČDT – Call Centre has been devised largely with large corporations and state administration institutions in mind.

 Service parameters

  • the provision of a customer service – call centre (the processing of telephone requests and enquiries, the handling of outgoing calls)
  • the operation of information lines
  • the contacting of potential customers (pre-sales activities, the making of appointments)
  • the processing of emails and enquiries entered online, the handling of complaints
  • a helpdesk – technical support for customers, with a link to the control centre or network maintenance centre
  • the administration of contact details and data updates
  • the organisation of customer satisfaction surveys and questionnaire campaigns
  • reporting and evaluations of the success rate of all call centre activities
  • the possibility of setting up and running a toll-free line, i.e. 800 XXX XXX

 Key benefits

  • professional call centre services with no need to invest your own capital
  • scaled-down staff costs
  • greater customer retention because the requests and requirements are processed and handled to a high quality
  • maximisation of the sales potential of the client’s products and services
  • guaranteed availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • compliance with standard quantitative and qualitative call centre parameters in accordance with agreed SLAs
  • 100% monitoring of incoming and outgoing calls
  • systematic evaluations of customer feedback